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The ultimate human power is our mental power, our consciousness, our awareness.

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The following articles are excerpts from Dr. Akbar's latest book, "Akbar, Papers in African Psychology."

Fatherhood and Forgiveness
The classroom of fatherhood is a special class and the learning is specialized in such a way, that no other experience in life teaches the lessons of personal development as does this role. Fatherhood is not just a choice in this life's journey, but a necessity on the spiritual journey to become the complete human beings we are intended to become.[read]

The Context of African American Educational Performance
There has been persisting and on-going debate and discussion regarding the educational performance of urban (meaning African-American and Latino) youth. From the (George W.) Bush Administration's educational initiative nicknamed "No child left behind" to a plethora of local, state and even community initiated programs, efforts abound in the attempt to identify the source and eliminate the significant disparities in "minority" academic achievement. The methods for identifying the nature of these disparities as well as speculations about their origin have been superficial at best and grossly inadequate at worst, leading to very little improvement in the educational problems faced by African Americans in the public education systems.[read]

Dr. Na'im Akbar Bio Sketch
Dr. Na'im Akbar has been acclaimed by Essence Magazine as "one of the world's preeminent Psychologists and a pioneer in the development of an African-centered approach to modern psychology."[read]

Resurrecting the African Self: Burying the ...
In order to solve some of the problems and reestablish the sovereign personality of the Black person, it is critical to penetrate through that "Negro" barrier into the Original Man. This is done by resurrecting the real inner self.[read]

The Creation of the Negro (Necro)
African consciousness has become distorted by something that is known as a "Negro." This Negro predominates in North America, but he is found wherever the Caucasian has significantly affected the thinking of Black people. The "Negro" constitutes the distortion of African consciousness and is the root of most of the basic problems for Black people. The fact that we have contaminated our core self with this superficial "scab" known as "Negro" is the source of many of the psychological problems of Black people.[read]

Cultural Expressions of African Personality
In this discussion we will attempt to identify some rather dramatic examples of behavioral patterns of the African lifestyle.[read]

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