The process of human slavery is ultimately a psychological process by which the mind of a people is gradually brought under the control of their captors and they become imprisoned by the loss of the consciousness (awareness) of themselves.

Educator Scholar
Na’im Akbar was trained as a scientist and practitioner in the field of Clinical Psychology. This is an area of study in traditional psychology that is involved with the evaluation of human mental functioning and the practice of psychotherapeutic processes to improve mental health. Early in Dr. Akbar’s career, he decided to devote his skills of research and practice to the increased understanding of the cultural basis of African-American mental functioning and the development of techniques to address the unique mental health needs of African-Americans. As an Activist Scholar, he has done considerable research, teaching, theory-development and critical analysis in this area. The recognition of his significant work and leadership in these areas of scholarship have resulted in his being asked to serve on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Black Studies, and the Journal of Black Psychology, where he served as Associate Editor for over 10 years. His recognition within the academy as an important scholar is evidenced by the award of the prestigious Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished Scholar Award at Florida State University and the honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The concepts from Dr. Akbar’s writings have been extensively quoted, required reading in the syllabi of psychology and Black Studies Courses nationwide and included in a variety of volumes of collected readings on African-American mental life and functioning. In addition, the concepts from his writings have been used as the foundation for the establishment of a wide variety of Rites of Passage programs for youth, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs and Personal Development Programs throughout the United States, and in other parts of the world.

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