Living in a society where the (outer) influences are so powerful, it is very difficult to hear the voice of our own inner power. The powers of the human being are all 'inner powers' (such as conscience, will, love, creativity, etc.)

Our company's work is to use the power of the word to grab the intellect, inspire the heart and transform the consciousness. From corporate structures, to Halls of Ivy and in some of the sanctuaries of the country's most progressive houses of worship, people have marveled at the power of Dr. Akbar's message and the healing from his work.

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All of Na'im Akbar's presentations are intended to interpret African-American functioning within a positive and constructive context. Our focus is always to enhance the understanding of Black life and the identification of strengths and assets that support effective progress. The presentations are geared towards being understandable, enjoyable, informative and offering direction towards positive change.

  • African-American Psychology
  • African-American History
  • Cultural Diversity from an Afrocentric context
  • Spiritual Development
  • Political Leadership
  • Student Leadership
  • African-American Education
  • Counseling African-American clients
  • Alcohol and drug abuse counseling
  • African-American Family and Relationships
  • African American Male Development



April 20,  2011 | East Lansing, MI
Michigan State University
"Race in the 21st Century America"
Conference Keynote Address
Contact:  Mr. Murray Edwards
Phone: (517) 353-7745


June 9, 2011 | Atlanta, GA
Keynote Address
"Power Networking Conference"
Marriott Marquis Atlanta
Time: 9:00am
Contact: George Fraser
Phone: (216) 691-6686


June 11, 2011 | Newark, NJ
Rutgers University-Newark
Paul Robeson Center
Keynote Lecture
"African American Male Wellness, A Necessity for Effective Fatherhood" Symposium
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Contact: Eta Phi Chapter Foundation
Phone: (973)679-9821